Home Happenings - January 2017

Silex Community Care would like to welcome two new staff members to our team; Marissa Edwards, NA and Angela Hubbard, NA. 

We would also like to wish the following residents a very happy birthday as they celebrate this month; Debbie S. 01/02, Phyllis K. 01/05, Ed W. 01/06, Emily S. 01/09, Anita H. 01/12, Melvin N. 01/12, Annette G. 01/14, Marian E. 01/14, Christina T. 01/16, Amanda M. 01/18, Jodi B. 01/19, Dennis B. 01/24, Tom M. 01/30, James S. 01/30

In addition to our residents' birthdays, here are some other important dates to remember: 01/02 - Macy's Day Parade; 01/06 - Epiphany; 01/11 - Human Trafficking Awareness; 01/16 - Martin Luther King's Birthday; 01/27 - Commemoration of Holocaust Victims; 01/28 - Chinese New Year & Clarksville Eagle Days; 01/29 - Clarksville Eagle Days

Reminders & Helpful Hints

  • January is National Blood Donor Month - give the gift of life and donate!
  • Banking Days/Hours - we go to the bank every Friday.  Anyone needing money, please let the front office know before 11am on Friday.
  • Keep warm and safe this winter by dressing in layers, keeping emergency supplies in your car, checking the weather before travel, walking carefully when outdoors, salting your sidewalks and staying indoors when possible.
  • Don't start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday.  Every morning you wake up is the first day of the rest of your life!

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